Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Ramadan 2003: Day #10

Day 10: November 5, 2003
Today, I am in the quiet, restful state of simple gratitude and humility.
The other night, as we discussed the Crusades in Church History, I was surprised by the careful, cultural biases that were discussed: a Filipino concerned about Abu-Sayef in Mindanao, an Eastern-Orthodox recollecting aggressive Muslim attitudes in Lebanon…all this with a slide of the “Holy City” drawn and quartered into Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and Armenian sectors.

It was a very painful sight.

Over a recent meal, I confessed to my wife my “big secret.” I’ve always thought middle-eastern rice was better than Asian rice (an incredibly shocking cultural “betrayal.”) She humors me for my honesty, but also reminds me of a simple truth: I’ve never met a Muslim that I didn’t find all together interesting.
And more importantly, I never met a Muslim woman, who didn’t want to feed me.

And now,
To break fast.

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