Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Ramadan 2003: Day #16

Day 16: 11-11, 2003

I wanted to talk about sheer joy. Joy like a pile of bright yellow leaves under my parked car. Yellow that caught the afternoon sun in unexpectant candor, while I rolled side by side with a neighborhood cat who was scratching for some attention.

Joy like the weekend just spent searching for a new suit for an upcoming wedding. The elation that reminds me of my own wedding, with all its celebratory fragrance, but without any of the logistics or stress. Simply a time to celebrate that glorious union.

And I was struck by how meticulous I've been in choosing things as simple as what shirt to wear. Fussing two weeks over looking at every suit and retail outlet for just a particular jacket, even though it wasn't MY wedding. It was partly reliving pieces of the excitement of our wedding. It was partly the freedom of NOT being stuck to the pages of a tuxedo catalog, or worrying about how to dress an entire wedding party. But, it was more importantly, and much unlike my memories of our actual wedding, a chance to choose exactly what we wanted to look like in conjunction with this celebration.

Taking all of the past, and the energies of memories into the present HERE.

And that allowed me to simply focus on US. On the chance, despite all else in the world, to be somewhere happy, celebrating other people's good fortunes, and dressing our very Sunday best.

"I'm gonna love ya 'til my wheels come off..."
--Tom Waits, Every Since I Put Your Picture In A Frame

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