Thursday, November 13, 2003

Ramadan 2003: Day #18

Day 18: November 13, 2003

We toasted the approaching wedding. Gathered in circle to offer gifts of wisdom in words and song. From a pre-thanksgiving, pre-wedding lyric: “Love ‘til you loved it all away.”

I was working on a haiku that never quite found a place to rest in its simplistic Japanese. And found instead that perhaps the best I had to offer was a recommendation to read the Book of Tobit, a short apocryphal tale from Hebrew Scriptures, which teaches that marriage is always to the Other, outside the family. And thus there is risk and uncertainty in that unknown. But if you persevere in your faith, remember to pray together, and remain true to your commissioning, you will reap benefits beyond even the treasures promised you. You will cast out shadows and bring healing to the world.

And you will walk with angels…
Vows spoken as one
Weight us down at the altar
Lest we fly too soon
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