Friday, November 07, 2003

Ramadan 2003: Day #12

Day 12: November 7, 2003
In the light of day another week draws to a close. Another moment in semester’s regulated rhythms struggles to find pace and adapt to the swift change in seasons. The weekend predictions are sunny and cold—warmed by evening plans.

These were the days that I would wake up dreamy in the early morning Japanese air. The cold calling for another 15 minutes to huddle with the fading blanket’s warmth.

Today though, it seems it is my wife who is dream-filled. Visited by animals two nights in a row. In our day-life, we contemplate the rise of deer carcasses fallen along the highway. As if they too were on a journey that even the traffic couldn’t stop.

I am wizened by a late-night of drinking…yet so visually focused in the waning sun.

Here are two prayers for contemplation:
If you are the night's cry
I am the sea's moan
If you are the sun's beam
I am the tree's shade
If you are the silk hand of a dream
I am the darkness that takes you in
If you are the world
Then I am everything
dream - atea lynn - age 11

This life, you must knowas the tiny splash of a raindrop.
A thing of beauty that disappears as it comes into being.
Therefore, set your goal.Make use of every day and every night

tibetan buddhist – tsongkhapa

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