Sunday, November 09, 2003

Ramadan 2003: Day #14

Day 14: November 9, 2003
A perfect pair, part two

by Ramon S. Cuasay
Though life might be abrupt
As even sweetest spring,
They did not faint, our hearts.
Life's breadth, love's depth, the self,
We could not know or plumb,
Yet we kept on and stayed our path.

My Adam and your Eve,
They neither picked nor chose
Their moment or their hour.
Tinsel and crown we flung away,
And while we danced our lives,
We died to self, emptying to love.

With God's joy, the smell of dreams,
Two little kings and two little queens,
How were we doing then?
These children we bore to love
Their blossoms opened out,
The quartet, how are they doing now?

Poised in life as seen in time,
Past many envying, we sigh,
"That was then and this is now."
I touch your face with both my hands,
Upon our lips of faith we kiss
And dim the dark with stars.

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