Monday, November 03, 2003

Ramadan 2003: Day #8

Day 8: November 3, 2003
Yesterday and today, I’ve begun to actually eat something in the morning before beginning the fast. As such, I’ve begun to feel more “normal” in my everyday functions. Though I rather enjoyed the previous week of slightly heightened sensitivity and the closer focus it brought to simpler things, I realized that as a month long reality, at least with present responsibilities, maintaining a one-meal day would not be an entirely wise or even a required decision.

But I also feel so much more mundane.

On the face of it, the Muslim schedule for fasting is actually very modest and practical. It’s an early morning meal and a skipped lunch.

In a sense, translating Ramadan as “fasting” is an understatement. It’s really more about fasting AND prayer. And indeed, one is called to prayer much more often than one is called to eat.

O Blessed Uplift!
Like an iconic donkey
Feet don’t touch the ground.
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