Monday, November 10, 2003

Ramadan 2003: Day #15

Day 15: November 10, 2003
Three Pair

by Jay Cuasay

I see in you a life you never knew
Of a mother who had left this life too early
And so you fill this time in, not by examples of Lessons Learned
But by the raw experience of your very own unique life

With trepidation and the security that comes with temerity
We firmed our resolve with a Faith based mostly on a Silent God
A God absent of examples, who rather challenged us
To live our own faiths as an example to others

My baptism, my birth and voice
Your Paschal covenant irrevocable
Incarnated in your history
Broken and shared from the flesh of a Jewish womb

We run breathless, day after day
From empty tomb to Emmaus and back
From burning bush to Sinai
Telling our story, ALIVE within us.

And should God bless this union
Again and again to countless generations
We would not be caught looking idly at the sky
When the trumpet blasts! And the dead are raised!

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