Saturday, November 22, 2003

Ramadan 2003: Day #27

Day 27: Saturday, November 22, 2004
Today, the news was saturated with the anniversary of JFKs assassination, challenges to Shevardnadze’s power, and the impending law suit against Michael Jackson. Silly, I know.
Today, thankfully for us, was a different agenda: waking up to room service and breakfast in bed, followed by a second nap. Outfit #1 for the wedding ceremony in a rather expressive St. Vincent’s Basilica, which lived up to its name. A rather interesting Gospel midrash which joined together Jesus’ discourse on divorce with his instructions to “a certain rich man” to sell all his possessions and to “follow me.” A Koan or parable that replied to the question of divorce saying: “If you have already given all of yourself away to another, what else do you have to sell?” Return to our room at the Inn, with its splendid view to watch the sunset and change into evening attire.

If I were to succinctly express the harmony to which we were invited witnesses, I would say two things: First, the lay of the land in Pennsylvania was so self-expressive. The weather could not have been more gracious, but also the curve of the hills, the mixture of farmland and small town, could not have been more reminiscent of an English country-side into which I am sure the Burton family must have felt welcomed. Secondly, someone in the family assemblage of the Kristofs, prepared homemade butter cookies as part of a dessert offering. Someone, out of such love, made “a batch” of homemade cookies for some 130 or so wedding guests as a personal expression and participation in this event.

It was the best cookie ever!

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